The Proprietary Trading Firms listed here are separate legal entities from QuickTrade (Pty) Ltd. They are Introducing Brokers (IBs) to QuickTrade (Pty) Ltd. An Introducing Broker (IB) is a financial intermediary or entity that introduces (refers) clients to a Licensed Financial Services Provider. IBs typically maintain relationships with clients interested in trading financial instruments such as commodities, currencies and Indices.

IBs refer clients to brokerage firms where the clients can open accounts and trade directly. Introducing Brokers earn commissions or fees from the brokerage firm for each referred client who trades through the firm. They may also provide additional services such as educational resources, trading signals, or personalized assistance to their referred clients.

IBs are crucial in expanding a brokerage firm’s client base by leveraging their networks and marketing efforts to attract new traders. They act as intermediaries between clients and brokerage firms, facilitating onboarding and client support.

These Introducing Brokers (Proprietary Trading Firms) market and sell the Certified Challenges offered by QuickTrade (Pty) Ltd

These IBs (Proprietary Trading Firms) also seek traders who demonstrate skill, discipline, and a proven ability to generate profits in the financial markets. They may recruit prospective prop traders through various channels such as social media, trading competitions, referrals, or direct outreach to experienced traders. Once recruited, these traders must undergo an evaluation or training process to assess their trading abilities and suitability for the Proprietary Trading Firm’s trading strategies and risk management practices. 

These IBs (Proprietary Trading Firms) introduce (refer) these clients (prospective prop traders) to the Certified Challenges offered by QuickTrade (Pty) Ltd.  QuickTrade (Pty) Ltd is a Licensed Financial Services Provider. These IBs (Proprietary Trading Firms) want prospective prop traders to be evaluated by a credible and licensed entity.  The IBs on this list (Proprietary Trading Firms) do not manage or administer the Challenges. These Challenges are Certified Challenges offered, managed and administered by QuickTrade (Pty) Ltd as it provides all the technology and the trading platforms for Demo and Live environments. The IBs (Proprietary Trading Firms) listed here do not offer, are not authorised to offer, and do not have direct access to any trading platform concerning any Certified Challenge, including the Challenges and the way they are set. 

The Prospective Prop Traders referred by these IBs (Proprietary Trading Firms) enter into a contract with QuickTrade (Pty) Ltd when they purchase a Certified Challenge, and all payments for Certified Challenges are processed through QuickTrade (Pty) Ltd’s reputable banking, finance and payments partners. These IBs (Proprietary Trading Firms) earn a Referral Fee (commission) for every Certified Challenge sold to clients they refer. 

QuickTrade (Pty) Ltd manages any disputes with the Certified Challenges. Any queries or complaints can be directed to: [email protected] 

Once these prospective prop traders pass a challenge, they are referred back to these Proprietary Trading Firms. Successful traders may then be offered capital to engage in proprietary trading on behalf of the firm. These Proprietary Trading Firms have verified profiles with QuickTrade (Pty) Ltd and a range of Live trading accounts funded with real money. The Proprietary Trading Firm allocates these Live trading accounts to the traders they are prepared to fund.

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